The Future of Work is Human

The way we work, where we work, who is at work—and the way technology is driving change

The University of Auckland Business School is delighted to invite you to a not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear from a leading executive at Google. Sara Ortloff Khoury -  Director of UX Design at Google, the company that's transforming the way work happens around the world, will speak at the Business School on Wednesday 8 August, sharing her insights into the future of work.

According to Sara, the future of work is about people—the way we work, where we work, who is at work—and the way technology is driving change. This is one of the hottest business topics in 2018. With conflicting information from various experts, the topic often causes debate around what impact automation technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will have on jobs, skills, and wages. 

McKinsey estimates that as many as one-third of global workers will be in a different occupational category by 2030. Because work is deeply tied to meaning and identity, these transitions can generate anxiety and negatively influence the self-perception of those facing the prospect of a change.

So what can we do to enable ourselves to maximize our opportunities in this changing world?  What role do businesses, universities and particularly business schools play? As someone who is working actively to define what the future might look like, Sara is extremely well-placed to shed light on all this uncertainty.  

About the speaker

At Google, Sara leads R&D teams developing products and services to help people and businesses thrive. It’s a development role that involves building empathy into AI so that tomorrow’s digital assistants are less HAL and more helpful, empowering and empathetic. Before joining Google, Sara honed her UX skills in high-performance research and design teams at Bay Area start-ups, agencies, global consumer retail and banking companies.

Pre-event from 6pm.

Please check in on arrival at the registration desk in the Level 1 Main Foyer of the Business School from 6pm and enjoy some light refreshments before we head over to the Fisher & Paykel auditorium for the presentation, which will begin promptly at 6.30pm.

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Time & Date
08 August 2018
The University of Auckland Business School, Fisher & Paykel Auditorium, Level 1, Sir Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland
6pm: Pre-event check-in and networking in the Level 1 Main Foyer of the Business School.
P (09) 923 3322