Short Sharp: Planning for a volatile world

Learn how to embrace complexity and create agile organisations


While we use terms like ‘agility’, ‘resilience’, and ‘innovation’, very few have the skills needed to make these ideas real.

“Most leaders end up relying on their natural capabilities when operating in complex and uncertain situations. This might work for a while; but simply having intuition, intellect and charisma is no longer good enough to weather the storm”  – Dave Snowden, Founder, Cognitive Edge.

In this Short, Sharp interactive session presented by Steve McCrone, you will learn how to embrace complexity and create strategic advantage in a fast-changing, volatile, and uncertain business environment. You will also discover how to create and lead agile organisations and teams, and how to overcome the barriers to achieving agility.

Complimentary Short, Sharp events are designed to provide you with a short and sharp version of a University of Auckland Business School short course. As with our professional development courses, these events focus on the practical application of theory. We give you practical tools and knowledge that you can apply immediately in your business environment.

Come and experience our expert facilitators first hand. 

About the presenter

Steve McCrone's experience in bomb disposal while serving in the New Zealand Army gave him a deep appreciation and understanding of leadership and decision-making under conditions of stress and uncertainty.

His subsequent career extended into human resources, investment fund management and leadership positions, culminating in the establishment of his consultancy firm, Cornwall Strategic, in 2009.

Recognising that traditional management theory is of limited use in fast-changing environments, Steve has continued to build on his understanding of complexity theory and its application to creating agile organisations. He was able to ground this theoretical knowledge through strategy development with construction companies in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes. Since then he has developed agile strategies with some of New Zealand's largest organisations and government agencies.


Time & Date
21 June 2018
The University of Auckland Business School Team Decima Glenn, Level 3, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland
P (09) 923 3322