9 October 2017

This month we are giving away a copy of Teenagers: The rise of youth culture in New Zealand, by Chris Brickell.

To enter the draw, please email your name and address to Alumni Relations Manager Melanie Barr at

The winner will be notified on 10 November, 2017.

Teenagers is a ground-breaking history of young people in New Zealand – from sealers and bushfellers, factory girls and newspaper boys, to mashers and flappers, larrikins and louts.

Drawing on the diaries, letters, and photographs that teenagers left behind, the book illuminates major shifts in New Zealand society, including the rise and fall of domestic service, the impact of compulsory education, the movement of Pākehā and then Māori from country to city, and the rise of consumer culture and popular psychology.

Richly illustrated and engagingly written,Teenagers offers an intimate and evocative insight into the lives of young people and New Zealand social history.


Chris Brickell is Associate Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Otago. His first book, Mates & Lovers: A history of gay New Zealand (2008), won a Montana Awards prize for best first non-fiction book. Several of his later books – Manly Affections: The photographs of Robert Grant 1885-1915, Two-by-Two: Men in pairs, and Southern Men: Gay lives in pictures – explore men's visual histories.


Teenagers: The rise of youth culture in New Zealand, by Chris Brickell.

Published by Auckland University Press. Softbound, illustrated, 382 pages.